Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc.

These pictures provide a glimpse of winter outdoors lifestyle in central Canada since Dexteyra was born around here. We know how individuals can contribute their best in complex team formations and in the boardrooms.

When the going gets tough, we keep having more fun.
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Dexteyra's three D's that is Dexterity, Dynamics, and Diligence distinguish us in providing superior information management, business transformation, and SAP consulting services to our corporate clients. 


Our name Dexteyra is derived from "dexterity". It also relates to the Portuguese word destreza or "the true skill" and the Spanish fine art of playing with swords. We play with the cutting edge of technology to design business solutions in the corporate boardrooms.


Our vision is to focus on constantly changing business requirements, to identify the changes and their implications early-on, and to assist our customers through the change management by providing technological and management insights on operational best practices.


We can help you optimize your working capital, increase your earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and ammortization (EBITDA), reduce bad debts, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and identify financial leakages. We will provide you with unbiased advise on financial and transactional best practices that will best benefit your business.

Dexteyra’s translational advantage

We believe in creativity and expression. The art of blending enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions by a system integrator is so analogous to the work of a master blender in the alcoholic beverage industry who chooses which single malts and grain whiskies among hundreds are combined to make a particular blend of whisky consistently over time.

The complexity and volatility of businesses today demand specific solutions to integrate critical timing, demand management, manufacturing, distribution, and financial processes such as in-house cash management, payment processing, clearing, and electronic bank statements (EBS). These solutions must encompass key business functions such as shelf-life monitoring, batch management,  electronic signatures, serial numbers, and workflow at optimum cost. The solutions must also connect the customer and vendor partner functions to the extended ERP networks where businesses talk electronically to each other. We can blend it right for you.

Dexteyra’s experts provide strategic, tactical, and operational advise derived from true business requirements and analyses. We make soft tactical recommendations to help you make hard educated decisions.