Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc.

Our History


Dexteyra inherits the experience and legacy of projects that were implemented by our patrons during the last decade in their capacities as professional management and SAP consultants. The relationships that were built with customers, fellow consultants, and system integration partners along with the knowledge and experience that was gained; today form the foundation on which Dexteyra aspires to build its legacy of future successful projects and deliveries.


Dexteyra was born in September 2009 in Canada when our founder received a telephone call from one of his past customers in the USA. We were advised to incorporate Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc. in Canada. 


We were born in the year when the world was going through it's worst economic downturn after the great depression of the 1930s. We won our first project on November 2009, the month when unemployment rate in the USA and Canada touched 26 years high at 10.2%.


Unlike most of the professional services companies who first incorporate and then solicit business, we were born because our past client counterparts wanted to maintain a relationship and discussed about ways to realize it. Our past customers facilitated our inception.


Our Geography


We currently operate in USA and Canada. We are known in USA as Dexteyra USA Inc. while we are charting our international plans. We are open to exploring newer and emerging markets and we welcome inquiries.