Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc.

Our Mission


Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc.'s mission is to excel in providing superior technology and consulting services to our clients and to address their changing business requirements. We want to create the best possible value for our customers, for our employees, and for ourselves in the value chain.


We believe in a multidisciplinary loom, characterized by technological and business experience that is delivered by world-class consultants, test engineers, programmers, and project managers.


Our Vision


"Dexteyra's vision is to focus on constantly changing business requirements, to identify the changes and their implications early-on, and to assist our customers through the Change Management by providing technological and management insights on operational Best Practices."      -- Director & Principal Consultant

We believe that a true business solution is like an efficiently built cube that can also be developed by combining multifaceted geometrical figures such as octahedrons and parallelopipeds by precisely connecting lines in proportion through certain centers of edges. 


Our Growth Strategies


Our strategy in the current economy is not to target higher revenues per employee, but to focus on higher market penetration while maintaining our profitability. We are determined to build a powerful equity and a legacy of customer support.


Women's Initiative


At Dexteyra, we believe in the potential of women executives. In-line with US President Barak Obama's initiative to "bringing back mom's to school", we believe that by "bringing back mom's to work", we can deliver a true incentive that IT can offer. We utilize remote internet tools such as VPN, web-conferencing, desktop sharing applications, telephone, and so on to facilitate this purpose. 



We believe that diversity among our consulting workforce can bring more value to our customers by squeezing out talent from the remotest corner of the planet Earth. Therefore we try very hard to promote diverse ethnic communities and minorities including women to join us.