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An Era When Time Equals Money; Deadlines are Essential

Ghazala Rahman Cynthia*

May 20, 2010


I have always laughed with my peers and friends while discussing about the ‘dreaded’ deadlines. My friends from the information technology (IT) industry often demonize their bosses while talking about deadlines. And the bosses demonize their own superiors. Makes me wonder if life would be easier for an artist? Deadline phobia actually starts in the high school and lives with us for the rest of our lives. But looking at it from another perspective, we know that time and tide wait for none. So it is very important to utilize our time effectively. In the course, deadlines can help us optimize our performance in a time phased manner.

Given a choice, I won’t opt to be an artist to forego a career in the IT industry. Being an artist doesn’t mean that life can be lived like a vagabond. Artists in today’s world also live by being employed under superiors in their own field. They also have to make money out of their art to survive and survival needs trading of ideas and goods. Therefore technically, artists are also in business and business does implicate time constrictions. Deadlines are applicable to an artist as well. So where is the difference?

Today, IT drives the knowledge back-bone of nearly all major industries such as manufacturing, health sciences, insurance, banking, hospitality, entertainment, and so on. To my interest, IT industry provides animation software’s such as Maya, Morpheus, blender, and 3dMagix that have been used to produce most popular movies such as Up, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Final Fantasy, Spirit, and the list goes on. It is interesting to note that best of the artists, musicians, and performers such as Tim Burton, Peter Kunshik Chung, Andreas Deja, and Caroline Leaf are employed in the background to create those movies. The fact is that the entire chronology of deadlines drives the creativity and promotes team-work.

Setting realistic deadlines is an art and IT can help you do it right

Dealing with deadlines is critically important for businesses because they are very sensitive to the moral and motivation of employees. And the deadlines need to be re-adjusted if delays happen due to reasons that are beyond human control. From a business’s stand-point, small delays can affect a huge amount of finished goods to not meet their demand in the supply chain. Delays can also result in cancellation of important business deals.

Good deadlines help to increase employee morale and promote good reputation with the customers. IT based tools such as Forecasting, Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), and Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), among others can help the businesses to set optimum deadlines for their men and machines.

Deadlines for an Artist in business context

Interestingly, the term “Artist” defines human creativity in so many different ways. But when an artist decides to make money, he gets bound by deadlines. Artists in music industry are set deadlines to get their recordings done for the release of their new albums before particular a seasons by their sponsors. A painter is obliged to display and finish working on a fixed number of art pieces to cover the gallery that is rented on a due date. Artists face bigger competition in life. I believe that the IT industry closely relates to an art in this context. The most sophisticated software that one can design first gets the attention of its customers early-on. IT professionals are no less creative and artistic in their own right. Some excellent examples of creativity in IT industry are business models that were derived by leading companies such as Google, Facebook, My Space, and so on. It is projected that new ideas will continue to evolve in the IT industry that will bring human-beings closer across the globe and will also drive the revenues for the IT companies.


We have often heard the myth that an artist is his/her own boss. It is riskier thus because if an artist makes the choice to delay his work, it may lead to a deadweight loss. Each minute of delay is considered each minute of money forgone that the artist would have made if he worked at his full capacity. Every act of work is primarily an exchange of labor that is traded for money. And everyone inevitably needs money to run their lifestyle. Therefore, deadline should not be dealt with fear but rather as limits that should be present to drive us to success in a time phased manner. And IT can help you do it right.


*Ghazala Rahman Cynthia is currently working as an Intern with the Business Research / Strategy BU of Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc. Ms. Cynthia is pursuing her Bachelor degree in Economics and Business at the University of Windsor, Canada. She has interest in learning new languages. She can speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Farsi fluently. Ms. Cynthia volunteers in various societies and is an associate for all the training and operations at her University’s VISA group.



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