Dexteyra Consulting Group Inc.

Our SAP Practice


SAP services constitutes our core capabilities. Dexteyra inherits over a decade of experience in designing and implementing true SAP based solutions through the strength of its founders. Dexteyra's consultants are trained to identify correct Best Practices based solutions derived from direct business requirements and to implement and test those solutions.


Today, businesses face significant challenges such as increasing costs, safety, margin pressures, government regulation, traceability, constant changes in product lifecycle, managing supply chains to maximize profitability, and to react quickly to or circumvent merchandise recalls. Other inherited challenges include complying with the Bioterrorism Act and managing expiration dates. At Dexteyra, we believe that a true SAP Solution will seamlessly address all of these important business requirements with no extra stress on the end-users and automatically raise flags when process deviates from critically defined parameters.